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St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

I Serve Jesus With My Body, Heart, Mind and Soul



Children will have opportunities to read in class every day. At least once a week in KS1, every child will have a 'Guided Reading' session with their teacher. This involves sharing and discussing text, and working on individual and group reading objectives.


In KS2, reading sessions are taught daily with a focus on comprehension and inference. During these sessions, focus groups are identified and worked with and whole class discussions are encouraged to further their understanding of texts.


We have a wide selection of books which are colour banded. Children will bring a banded book home that they are secure in which will help children to consolidate their reading skills. 


As well as this, we a library where the children can source and enjoy books. There are also welcoming book areas in classrooms and around the school which encourage reading for pleasure.




Some of our children benefit from BRP (Better Reading Partnerships) which enables them to make accelerated progress in their reading.


Phonics is taught daily in EYFS and KS1 following the 'Letters and Sounds' programme. The teachers also use and adapt other resources to compliment these lessons, such as Jolly Phonics and phonic Hero.


Letters and Sounds is a fun and fast paced way to support the children learning to read, spell and write.




The School is in the process of embedding the White Rose Curriculum to plan learning in Mathematics.

Full details of this curriculum are available via the following link:


This year St Ethelbert’s have starting using Cornerstone Curriculum to engage learners through a creative and inspiring curriculum.

Have a look at some of the exciting cross-curricular learning that is starting to take place in our school.