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St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

I Serve Jesus With My Body, Heart, Mind and Soul


On Friday 4th October our boys football team played a match at Cliftonville Primary School.

This is the boys report of the match:

Xavi scored a goal or 2.

Logan saved a lot of goals.

Noah was left wing and was very good at marking others.

Dylan stopped a lot of chances at goal in defence.

We went up against 4 others schools.

Lukasz was very good in defence.

Theo scored 2 amazing goals.

The whole team played really well.


Last Saturday 5th October there was a girls football tournament at Upton Junior School.

On Friday 27th September there was a football match at Upton School

This is the teams report on how it went.

Logan our goal keeper saved a shot that was going into the top corner.

Noah scored from a corner.

Kian scored 2 lovely goals.  He was going for a hat trick but got unlucky and missed.

Lukasz assisted Xavi to score a brilliant goal, which he scored left footed. Xavi also took a free kick and nearly hit Charlies head.

Charlie scored 2 amazing goals.

Jacob made a couple of very good tackles to stop the other team from scoring.

St Ethelbert's did very well and were awarded 3rd place.


Well Done!